Homemade Jar Oil Lamps

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These pretty oil lamps can be created in minutes with just about anything you can find at home. Make sure to not use plastics though, as they could melt. Try flowers and greenery from your garden, citrus fruits, glass beads or festive items for a holiday homemade gift! You can also infuse your oil with herbs, spices or essential oils. Try lavender and tea tree or citronella essential oils for a homemade mosquito repellent candle. For best results we recommend using large floating wicks for this craft, these can be purchased online.
1 or more Oil lamps
2-3 Mason jars or other glass jars
Floating wicks (found online)
1-4 cups Mazola® Canola, Corn OR Vegetable Oil
Flowers, leaves, fruit
Glass beads
Cinnamon sticks, cloves
cedar leaves, etc.
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Choose mason jars of varying sizes depending on what you want to fill them with. This is a great way to reuse glass bottles instead of recycling them.

Fill your jar with your desired items, make sure to leave a couple inches below the rim of the jar. You can fill the jar with oil only or with water, just enough to cover your items and then add a half inch layer of oil, which will float on top of the water. If you choose to use only oil, your ingredients (if using natural items like citrus and herbs) will last longer. The water version will become cloudy and the items will need to be replaced after about a week. You can try emptying and refilling with fresh water after a few days to keep the contents fresher longer. Add your floating candle wick on top. One tablespoon of oil can burn up to 2 hours. Top up with more oil as it burns off.

Always remember, never leave a burning candle unattended.

Have fun creating and recreating new candles often!

*STORAGE:  Lasts one week but up to one month if using only oil and no water Lasts one week but up to one month if using only oil and no water.
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