Bean Salad with Cilantro Lime Vinaigrette

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This salad is so easy to make and great to keep in the fridge for a colourful side dish.

6 to 8 servings
Bean Salad
2 cans (15 ounces each) fire roasted diced tomatoes, drained
1 can (4 ounces) mild green chilies, drained
2 cans (15 ounces each) black beans, drained and rinsed
1 can (15 ounces) navy beans OR black-eyed peas
1 pound frozen corn, thawed OR fresh sweet corn
1 red bell pepper, diced 1/4-inch
1/2 cup diced red onion
Cilantro Lime Vinaigrette
1/2 cup Mazola® Corn Oil
1/4 cup loosely packed fresh cilantro
1/4 cup fresh lime juice
2 cloves garlic
1 teaspoon leaf oregano
1/2 tablespoon red crushed pepper
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon black medium grind pepper
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Combine all salad ingredients in a large bowl. Stir to combine and set aside.

For the vinaigrette, combine all ingredients in a blender or food processor and puree for 10 to 20 seconds or until herbs and spices are minced with no large chunks. Pour vinaigrette over the bean salad mixture and toss to coat.

Serve immediately or cover and store refrigerated up to 1 week. 

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