“Quick Dry” Homemade Puffy Paint

No paint at home? No problem, this recipe is super quick to whip up with pantry items you likely have already!
-- Serves
SKILL LEVEL ¾ cup of paint, enough for four colours
½ cup of flour
3 tsp salt
3 teaspoon Fleischmann's® Gluten-Free Baking Powder
3-6 drops food colouring, more for richer colours
½ cup of water
mixing bowl
4 small bowls, or plastic squeeze bottles, or Resealable zipper sandwich bags
Paint brushes and/or craft tools
Construction or heavy stock paper works best, cardboard from cereal boxes works too!
Paper towels

Best used same day

Using primary colours of red, blue and yellow, your kids can mix them together to make more colours. Some fun ideas to paint, a rocket ship flying through space with puffy planets and stars! Or an ice cream cone decorated with your favourite sprinkles! Have fun painting!

Mix all the dry ingredients together.

Slowly add in water, whisking everything together until all lumps are gone. It should have a thick pouring consistency. Divide between four small bowls.

Leave one bowl white and stir food colouring into the other three. Use straight from your bowls spooning onto paper. Spread the puffy paint around with brushes, a small spoon or any other utensil or craft tool. Or, fill a squeeze bottle or plastic zip bags and snip a small hole in one corner and use like a piping bag to paint with. Make sure to remove the air out of the bag before closing them up, this will make squeezing and painting easier for your kids. The thicker you apply your paint, the puffier it will be! Time to create your painting!

Once the painting is complete, place on paper towels in the microwave for 30 seconds. If it still looks wet after 30 seconds, microwave for 15-30 second intervals until dry. Be careful removing from the microwave as it will be hot, set aside to cool before handling. Do not microwave for longer than 30 second intervals as your painting could get too hot and burn.

Nutrition Facts
Valeur nutritive

Per Serving / Par portion
Fat / Lipides  0 g
Saturated / saturés   g
Carbohydrate / Glucides   g
Fibre / Fibres   g
Sugars / Sucres   g
Cholesterol / Cholestérol   mg
Protein / Protéins   mg
Sodium   mg
Potassium   mg
Calcium   mg
Iron / Fer   mg

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