Traditionally inspired recipes are the best way to create a feast that truly honours Irish heritage. While traditional Irish recipes seem simple to prepare (and our recipe renditions are easy to make!), it’s that simplicity which helps their flavours and aromas really shine! Meals inspired by Irish traditions are hearty, creamy, and full of deep flavours that will really make your mouth water! So ditch the green food dye and choose our flavourful St. Patrick’s Day Make Good Moment to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!
It's still a toast if you raise a cupcake, right?
Please enjoy responsibly, because too many carbs are no one's friend!
So many festively delicious flavours all baked into one savoury pizza!
Full of warm flavours, this sweet and spiced treat is the perfect dessert!
This rich and creamy soup with a mouth-watering aroma will keep you cozy on the inside and out!
A flavourful twist on a classic main dish!
A hearty and homemade dish that is sure to satisfy everyone!
The sweetest of treats to cap off the night just right!
This fresh from the oven loaf is crusty on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside!
Hearty, filling, and the perfect dinner before a beer or two to celebrate!
It's modern classic comfort food, with an Irish twist of course!
Make the dough ahead of time so you can simply pop these in the oven to enjoy with your dinner