While you stare up at the clouds as you lay on the cool grass, you realize: theres a light breeze in the air, the birds are chirping, and the sun is shining! Its the perfect day for a picnic! Picnic food is some of the best food, in our humble opinion, and with our Make Good Picnic Moment, you'll be basking in flavour while you soak in the sun!
Yes, YOU could be one of those trendy people who make their own hummus. And it’ll taste delish too!
Customize this cool salad with your favourite veggies, meats and cheeses!
Class up your picnic with a classic baguette! Whole wheat is a great way to add more grains to your meal too!
This mighty wrap is a picnic handheld classic loaded with flavour!
All of your favourite pizza toppings wrapped up in a neat little pocket!
Your favourite sandwich fixings baked into a delicious loaf of bread! This is the definition of mouthwatering.
Refreshing and light, this sweet treat is just perfect for sharing with family and friends!
This delicious and fresh flavour combination is perfect for picnics!
Fresh fruit or sweet candy? So many possibilities! How would you top this chill treat?