Family are the people we hold dear. They’re the special people in our lives who make us smile, laugh, and help us pick ourselves up when we fall down. They feed and nurture us in so many ways to grow. Baking and cooking together can create bonds unlike any other activity, so (for today, at least!) embrace a messy kitchen and cook, bake, and create with your family, making memories along the way.
Classic and delicious, these pancakes provide multigrain goodness to start the day off right….
Plum sauce, mustard, or something both sweet and spicy? The pairing choice is yours!
If playing with Create A Shape Oatmeal Bread is wrong, then we don’t want to be right!
No more mini meltdowns over toppings! With this pizza, everyone gets their favourite.
Let your imagination run wild creating crazy critters, cool cars, or anything you can dream up!
Our Banana Split Pudding is a simple twist on a soda pop shop classic!
This cookie holds the answers to the great shortbread vs. chocolate chip cookie debate!