Filled with friends and family, colourful fireworks that light up the sky, and more delicious delicacies than you could imagine, Chinese New Year is a time to celebrate and show thanks for the food we are nourished by. Traditionally, this Spring Festival celebrates that the coldest days of the year are behind us and honours the upcoming harvest that warmer weather will bring. What better way to celebrate than with those you love, festive decorations, and mouth-watering food? This year, skip the take out, ditch the store bought frozen foods, and create new traditions with your friends and family by taking time together to create a fresh and flavourful feast for all to gather round and enjoy!
Kick it up a notch with these spicy and satisfying buns!
Enjoy this classic with a sweet chili sauce or plum sauce!
Roll into the new year with flavour!
A fun recipe to prep with others, homemade is the way to go!
A classic soup recipe to keep you cozy right through the new year!
A satisfying and savoury side to pair with your favourite main!
Bite sized but loaded with flavour!
A classic that's sweet, sour, and always satisfying!
A delicious way to make sure you get your veggies in!