Pack up the cooler, grab the towels, and throw on your favourite swim suit - it's beach day! A day filled with laughter, sand, snacking and waves, beach days were created to make lasting summer memories. This month's moment is focused on all the delicious yet simple recipes best enjoyed while basking in the sun or splashing in the water with the kids. So get your sunscreen on and your cooler out, it's time to enjoy the last few weeks of summer with a beach day!
A classic in the fall - but delicious anytime!
Simple, easy and refreshing, this classic salad can be found throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. Use only the freshest ingredients for an everyday meal favourite.
You won't miss the meat in this hearty and flavourful burrito.
Sandwiches are overdone! Try something new, filling, and tastier than the usual ham and cheese
Save these scrumptious cookies for you while the kids indulge in the classic chocolate chip.
A nice tall glass of lemonade is the perfect drink to cool you off at the beach!
A fun way to enjoy your veggies after playing with the kids in the sand.
Great for lunch, or make it a hearty snack for the car ride home.
Bake them the night before beach day for a tasty late-afternoon treat.
A classic pasta salad with a special Italian twist.
It's as delicious as a taco without the need to bring all the ingredients in the cooler.
Mix together all of your favourite fruit for this healthy beach snack.