Chefmate® Corn Starch
No MSG Kosher Gluten Free

Chefmate® Corn Starch has been the secret ingredient for generations of Canadian chefs. Naturally tasteless and colourless, corn starch allows the true flavour of food to come through without alteration. Chefmate’s® pure corn starch is a kitchen staple for every chef.

UNITS/Cs: 5 bags PACK SIZE: 5 kg
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Use Chefmate® Corn Starch to thicken any dish or sauce where a clear, glossy sauce is desirable. Ideal for fruit sauces, fruit pies, clear soups and puddings. Use corn starch to make lighter crusts or pastries. Chefmate® Corn Starch is essential for thickening sauces for Asian stir-fry’s or sauces. Gluten free.


Chefmate® Corn Starch has twice the thickening power of flour. When making recipe substitutions, use only half the amount of corn starch compared to flour, e.g. if the recipe called for 1 cup flour, use ½ cup Chefmate® Corn Starch. Always mix Chefmate® Corn Starch with a cold liquid before adding to hot liquids to prevent lumping. For maximum thickening and clarity, bring a corn starch thickened mixture to a full boil. Chefmate® Corn Starch is gluten free and can be a valuable tool in the kitchen for modifying recipes for customers who need gluten free dishes.

SHELF LIFE: 1080 Days


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